Welcome to Wholesale

Wish to cooperate with 3rd Floor?

3rd Floor honors and maintains long-lasting relationships with its customers and is always open to new collaborations.

Our network enjoys:

  • A wide variety of designs ​​that meet the requirements of a broader target audience
  • Thematic collections which stand out
  • Simple ordering process and easy communication with the company (Wholesale Dpt.)
  • Personalized service
  • Punctuality at the agreed delivery times
  • Flexibility during the sampling process
  • Exclusivity of the geographical area

If you are interested in working with 3rd  Floor, kindly fill in the form below and “SUBMIT”.

The Wholesale department will process your details and contact you. If you do not receive our response within 24 hours, kindly contact us at 213 028 7170 Monday-Friday from 10:00 to 18:00.